Your Audience Is Growing, They Tell Me

If that’s true, which it isn’t, why aren’t they reading my stuff?

Caroline de Braganza


Image by Anja from Pixabay

Most are stalkers, not walkers.

Too obscure? I fooled around with the adage “walk the talk” by supplanting talk with stalk. I’ll leave it up to you to decipher my muddled logic.

I finally got it figured. Not my convoluted adage, but the growing audience thingummy.

In my early days, I watched my follower numbers as if my new life as a writer depended on it. Every century I scored (if you’re a cricket fan you’ll understand) revved up my writing engine to keep batting. I celebrated every email telling me my audience was growing.

As the years passed, I detected the disconnect between followers and readers. Over 3000 followers looked good on paper — and helped me get accepted by News Break for a while until they changed their rules to local content only. But that’s another story.

Here’s my take on audience numbers.

Playing tag

New writers follow me in the hope I’ll follow them back. I never fell for that scam years ago, and never will. They’re wasting their time — and mine.

This reciprocal arrangement only works if they write about stuff that interests me, write well, capture my heart, and make me want to read more. But they should read my work before I explore theirs. That’s common courtesy.

Eish! I’m supposed to be touched by their contribution to growing my audience?

I’ve seen them come and go. Once they catch on I’ve caught on to their game, they go play elsewhere — though not always.

It’s easy to spot. For example, I receive an email announcing 48 new followers, yet my audience only grew by 20 since the previous month.

Don’t allow your number of followers to fool you — only a small percentage are loyal readers.

Clapping before the recital begins

You walk into a concert hall. The conductor raises their baton as the audience reads the title of the piece on their Medium program. The orchestra of words is waiting to perform.



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