David Crosby Dies — Another Musical Icon Reminds Us We Are Not Immortal

A stark reminder we all have to leave one day

Caroline de Braganza
7 min readJan 28, 2023


David Crosby 1941–2023 RIP (Screenshot from The Rock and Roll Professor on YouTube)

Although David Crosby’s distinctive voice is now silent in life, the arrival of sound recording in the 20th century will enable me to immerse myself in oceans of music for the rest of my days. I can turn on and tune in whenever I want.


I’m a baby boomer who navigated her formative years during the 1960's. Fellow boomers will recognize part of that slogan which Timothy Leary popularized in 1966 — turn on, tune in, drop out — a phrase which many youngsters misinterpreted.

(I can assure you I didn’t drop out, though I was a doobie-dabbling hippie on weekends and working the nine-to-five on weekdays.)

My generation was raising questions on social issues, civil rights, women’s rights, the Vietnam war, and protection of the environment. Protests and activism were the flavor of the day for those who sought a change in societies.

Music was, and is, a powerful agent for waking up a sleepy society, soothing a troubled soul, and bringing unity across the world.

The musicians I grew up with during my formative years will always hold a special place in my heart. A particular artist playing again decades later awakens precious memories of who and where I was when I first heard his or her music.

David Crosby is one of them.

He was influential in the LA music scene of the 60s and 70s — the California sound which borrowed from folk, rock and country to weave a unique sonic tapestry.

Who can forget that distinctive voice — his quavering high tenor singing solo or magnifying the melodic magic of vocal harmonies? He was an impressive songwriter and rhythm guitarist, known for his unorthodox open tuning.

(Joni Mitchell also created her unique sound with open tuning, long before she met David.)

A nostalgic musical journey

Crosby grew up in LA, younger brother of musician Ethan Crosby, who inspired his love for jazz. He attended several schools but never graduated, then…



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