How I’ve Earned More in the Last Two Months Than in the Last Three Years Writing

Read on because this is a fantastic opportunity — you can do it too

Caroline de Braganza


Image by mohamed hassan from Pixabay

Many Medium writers are putting decent bucks in the bank by writing on News Break and are not afraid to say so.

This gave me the confidence to come out and tell the truth without feeling I’m betraying my Medium family.

There are many obstacles to being paid as a writer based in South Africa — Ko-Fi is a no-no, Stripe doesn’t operate here and one can only use PayPal to receive payments which have to be withdrawn to a local bank account within 30 days with rigorous foreign exchange oversight. Receiving royalty payments from Amazon is another nightmare.

In December last year, I applied to News Break to become a writer — their term is creator. (I noted a channel they offered for payment was PayPal, so there’d be no obstacles in my getting paid.)

As I entered my country, South Africa, the screen screeched to a halt and said, “Sorry, you don’t qualify.”

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I assumed this was because the platform focuses on local US news and accepted the inevitable.

In January I read a few stories on Medium by writers who were making good money on News Break. I can’t for the life of me remember whose sign-up link I used, but I applied again. I completed the entire application process online without a hitch, linking two stories from Medium as examples of my writing.

After a week, I’d forgotten about it, but late January I received an email of congratulations — I was in!

Witnessing a 70-year-old grey-haired lady leaping six feet into the air is a sight to behold.

What’s even better is that the person whose link I used received an introductory commission. It’s a decent sum of money, but I’m reluctant to reveal specifics on earnings as they are very strict about privacy. But it’s more than my average month’s earnings on Medium.



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