Calling All 2023 Rugby World Cup Fans — Where Are You Hiding?

You’d think 500-million people would be easy to find

Caroline de Braganza
3 min readSep 14


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Since the opening ceremony in France on Friday, September 8, and eight matches played to boot (pun intended), a grand total of two articles has been published on Medium — one of them mine, within minimal engagement.


This event only happens once every four years, with teams representing 20 qualifying countries competing.

How can it be that a global sports event of this magnitude is being overlooked by readers and writers living in many of these locations?

International sport is an incredible force to help us rise above our country’s internal and international differences — a catalyst for peace and respect for each other among players and fans.

Who can forget the iconic images of Nelson Mandela and Francois Pienaar celebrating South Africa’s victory in the Rugby World Cup in 1995, one year after apartheid was dismantled?

For the 2019 Rugby World Cup, I wrote only one story — a satirical piece — so you may accuse me of hypocrisy for chastising you this time round.

I had a valid reason.

My brother, a huge rugby fan, was in a critical condition in ICU during that time and died two weeks before South Africa played England in the finals in Japan — and won. He would have been thrilled. I dealt with my grief by writing humor, and this was one of the first pieces I wrote after his death.

These are the countries playing in France this year:

Let’s get the conversation going folks.

  • Who do you think will win?
  • Are you attending the matches in France or watching from home?



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