It depends on whether the world can win the race against the Covid-19 variants

(Image by Dimitri Velsikas from Pixabay)

The virus is an opportunistic little devil and highly adaptable to changing circumstances.

Bile rose in my throat when a recent newsletter from a publication asked contributors not to write any more “Yawn — pandemic stories.”

That’s well and good if you live in a country where even a 12-year-old can receive a Covid-19 vaccination.

In South Africa we’re suffering from vaccine FOMO. While entire sections of the world are opening up, here we have thousands still dying from Covid-19 in the devastating third wave.

And who knows how many more after the recent riots and looting in two provinces…

Why did I pop up here after a two-month absence, then disappear?

Up in Smoke? (Source: volker sissek from Pixabay)

A good question, and a not too shabby sub-title.

I’m not here to offer excuses but to testify to circumstances beyond my control.

(Unlike ex-President Zuma who refuses to testify then complains when the Constitutional Court sentences him to 15 months in prison — my dream of him in orange overalls is now a reality!)

The Fourth of July 2021 will live forever in my memory. No connection with Independence Day celebrations in the US.

It was the same day a bush fire erupted on the mountain behind us.
It began in the gully other side of the gravel…

Haha! The irony of your shopping like a local story isn't lost on me. As current events unfold in South Africa, it's more like looting like a local. In the provinces of Gauteng or Kwazulu/Natal there's nothing left to shop.

I will be writing again from next week - have six photos lined up.

I ducked off to another platform because money was tight

Quack! Quack! I’m back! (Image by minolvita from Pixabay)

I’m thrilled to be back — I’ve been away from Medium for too long.

Despite my absence, and the recent culling of followers, I gained new followers and earned a few dollars each month — thank you for reading despite my absence.

Cheers to the Medium writers — Tree Langdon, Jupiter Grant, Bob Jasper and Stuart Englander to name a few — who tagged me the past few months. You reminded me of this community where I feel most at home.

Many of you know where I’ve been and I’m not ashamed to say I was in it for the…

GiaB prompt #18: history

Image by David Peterson from Pixabay

Today, April 27, we celebrate Freedom Day to remember that historic day twenty-seven years ago when races mixed and queued together to cast our ballot.

Following a series of tense negotiations and years of liberation struggle, South Africa held its first democratic election on April 27, 1994.

My husband and I took part.

What a magical day it was!

Although whites with permanent residence in the country could vote, we took our responsibility a step further. We applied for and received our South African citizenship and pledged allegiance in time for the election.

Desmond Tutu, the renowned anti-apartheid activist and…

50 Words

Fifty Word Challenge #31: Zombies

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Blinkered blind
Absent wide-angle lens
Confined perspective
Shuttered mind

In camouflage
Khaki dismisses
Rubber bullets
Mortal kisses

Rifles, bombs and guns
Riot gear and faces hid
People targets on a grid
Cannot hide or run

Heartless automatons
With your riot shields
Obeying orders
Crossing borders

People shall not yield


I approached this topic back to front.

I googled the definition of zombies, already having an idea in mind to avoid writing about monsters and such, because they don’t interest me. The same goes for horror movies and books — life presents enough actual horrors.

I guess for some, a creepy…

Does a deadly future loom or is it not all doom and gloom?

(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

Covid-19 has wrought great disruption to our physical, emotional and spiritual lives.

Easter and Passover are upon us, and Ramadan will soon follow. These religious events gave me pause for self-reflection, because my spirit is weary from the constant worry of when this global crisis will end.

Each country has handled the pandemic in different ways — some more successful than others — but hold on to hope now that vaccinations have begun.

South Africa is lagging — that worries me.

We could point the finger at developed nations in the northern hemisphere for prioritizing their own populations and hoarding…

Read on because this is a fantastic opportunity — you can do it too

Image by mohamed hassan from Pixabay

Many Medium writers are putting decent bucks in the bank by writing on News Break and are not afraid to say so.

This gave me the confidence to come out and tell the truth without feeling I’m betraying my Medium family.

There are many obstacles to being paid as a writer based in South Africa — Ko-Fi is a no-no, Stripe doesn’t operate here and one can only use PayPal to receive payments which have to be withdrawn to a local bank account within 30 days with rigorous foreign exchange oversight. Receiving royalty payments from Amazon is another nightmare.


100 Words

100 Word Challenge #9: Hope Springs Eternal

Image by Rebekka D from Pixabay

Our autumn solstice what can I say
Promise of spring is six months away
I hope by then to discount my fears
Roll-out so far will take 15 years

Vaccine apartheid, nations squabble
In South Africa, our hopes wobble
Trying to figure out and understand
Why there’s no strategy, no damn plan

March goal for health workers won’t be met
ANC blame supplies, but forget
We’re in the dark, don’t know where or when
The rest of the nation can feel safe again

I pray we survive winter
Call me next Spring
I’m sure we’ll survive
Then I’ll sing




GiaB ‘Dear Genie’ prompt #2: forgiveness

Image by Alexis_Fotos from Pixabay

Buffeted by winds of war
And cries for more
Freedom of expression, unshackling from suppression
People die neglected as the headlines fade
No progress made in myriad nations
Locked in dispossession

I watch dejected
Peace plans rejected
Statistics, graphs and charts,
Victims an abstract art of
Numbers, numbs the senses
To offences

Who will agitate
Against the power-hungry haters
Perpetrators, cruel dictators?
We are spectators
Toothless commentators
Tossing words at perpetrators

The world condemns but never acts
Despite presented with the facts
Proxy wars, brutal ambition
Blind to humanity’s condition
How can I sleep
While many millions weep?

What holy…

Caroline de Braganza

Wise Old Woman (WOW). Forever curious. Emotional Health, Self, Politics, Society, Spirit and Music. Essayist, Poet, Humorist.

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